The UNRULY Retreat

August 2019
Five Days/Four Nights

The UNRULY retreat is for women who are:

READY to redefine who they are with ZERO fucking apologies
READY to let go of excuses, take accountability and get ahead of the curve in the game of life
READY for self-work, some much-needed turn-up, and to be intimately connected to a community of women on a similar journey

This retreat is not for the close-minded.
This retreat is not for those who already have it all figured out.
This retreat is for women curious enough and bold enough to really take steps to design a new version of themselves.

You’ve had enough of going with the flow.

Your life has been built around everyone except yourself and you’re over it. You’re over not being excited about your life. You’re over trying to fit into some imaginary box that benefits everyone except you. You’re over not speaking your mind, owning your truth, and settling for BS.

You're ready to get UNRULY.

Women who step outside of the boundaries of what constitutes “good womanhood” are oftentimes labeled as unruly; they are disorderly and disruptive and not amenable to discipline or control.

We like that because we know that women who are unruly, women who don’t fit into a box, women who don’t subscribe to the status quo when it doesn't make sense for them, are happy, soul-fulfilled women.

Unruliness, for women, translates to a better quality of life and that’s exactly what you’ll walk away with from The UNRULY Retreat - the tools to create a better quality of life for yourself.

The UNRULY Retreat is an invitation to step outside of the lines, to be disruptive AF, and to question your beliefs while looking at your desires for your life, relationships, and place in the world. The goal of this experience is for you to create the shifts necessary for you to live the highest version and vision of your life. As defined by you and only you.

If you’re ready to spend some dedicated time - on yourself, for yourself - working to redefine who you are while having a lot of fun with a dope community of like-minded women, sign-up below to be the first to know when registration for The UNRULY Retreat opens.

Read This Note: All the details for the retreat are still being worked out, so exact dates and location will be announced in the upcoming months. Just know this: the retreat will take place at a gorgeous four or five-star resort abroad and you won’t be disappointed.

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